with each weave I can unravel; with each thread I mine the soul:

I have been playing around with my peg loom. I wanted to try out different types of yarns and fabric to see how they responded. I even tried weaving with some newspaper. There is something really calming about the rhythm of weaving. It reminds me of being at sea; a gentle rocking back and forth and a feeling of travelling.

The outcome of my latest experiment reminded me of my investigations a few months back around geological rock strata. I see geological processes as a metaphor for the psyche. Think of all those compressed and buried layers: hidden deep thoughts and feelings, slow but constant processes, lost memories, and fossilised dreams from an eon ago, all there beneath....

When I think about all the 'beneath the beneath', the repressed and monolithic unconcious, I can intially feel overwhelmed... (I see the tip of the ice berg and sometimes that itself is too much and what other darkness lies down there and god, can I change it...?!).... But I am given hope by a very beautiful quote by Kahlil Gibran: 

"perhaps time's definition of coal is the diamond"

To me this means that with time even the most deeply buried darkness has the potential to become a precious jewel.

We just have to keep on mining the soul and we will find it....


I finally finished crocheting my 'lucky shawl of happiness' this weekend, tassells and all, which I have given to a friend with a big and beautiful heart. Here it is looking all resplendent and shawl-like. I calculated how many days it took to make from start to finish (lots of stops and starts and diversions in between) and it took exactly 111 days...

some say this is a lucky number.

if petri dishes could weave:

My peg loom and weaving sticks arrived yesterday in the post and I have been getting myself tangled up in weird knots experimenting. Oh joy. The below specimens were made on the weaving sticks... they are kind of like little weaving sketches so to speak. I made them from things like old head scarfs, wool ends and cotton thread with a rusty bottle top thrown in for good measure; it felt good to be completely loose with it. I like them, they look like magic amulets, one for each shoulder to ward off the negative thoughts that rattle around my skull. Or maybe they could be those teeny tiny microscopic organisms that live on our noses (there's a whole universe happening on our noses don'tchaknow). Take a look inside the petri dish to see what grew:

Specimen I:

Specimen II:

you are the sun:

I made a little brooch card for my friend who is like the sun....

We are all made of stars, we are all like the sun. Shine on....