with each weave I can unravel; with each thread I mine the soul:

I have been playing around with my peg loom. I wanted to try out different types of yarns and fabric to see how they responded. I even tried weaving with some newspaper. There is something really calming about the rhythm of weaving. It reminds me of being at sea; a gentle rocking back and forth and a feeling of travelling.

The outcome of my latest experiment reminded me of my investigations a few months back around geological rock strata. I see geological processes as a metaphor for the psyche. Think of all those compressed and buried layers: hidden deep thoughts and feelings, slow but constant processes, lost memories, and fossilised dreams from an eon ago, all there beneath....

When I think about all the 'beneath the beneath', the repressed and monolithic unconcious, I can intially feel overwhelmed... (I see the tip of the ice berg and sometimes that itself is too much and what other darkness lies down there and god, can I change it...?!).... But I am given hope by a very beautiful quote by Kahlil Gibran: 

"perhaps time's definition of coal is the diamond"

To me this means that with time even the most deeply buried darkness has the potential to become a precious jewel.

We just have to keep on mining the soul and we will find it....


  1. i just wanted to say, what a thought provoking lovely post.......I leave you to ponder on your words :)