don't be a blue bird:

I made this for my friend Jo's mum. I enjoyed getting back to the precision of embroidery after doing some of my mentalistic textile work. I embroidered the design onto a piece of vintage linen I found in my favorite antique shop in Kingston (Kingston in Surrey, not Jamaica. Gosh, I wish I was in Jamaica... )

Below is my (very rough) design sketch. If you want print it off and have a go. And here is a good website if you want to learn to embroider. Go on.....! It's great therapy for these winter months of doooooom (who says everyone enjoys Christmas?). So sit back, drink a cup of port or gin tea, stick on a scratchy vinyl record and stitch something. It definitely makes me feel better when in the midst of the winter blues... 


  1. I like how built up the poppy is..


  2. I probably have said it before, and might well say it again, but do you know that I love everything you make!?!

    P.S.: Is gin tea = tea with gin? Because I like tea with whiskey and I do not know anybody else who spikes their cuppa.

  3. miss grrl - agh, that poppy stressed me out at one point. got in a right poppy pickle about it. turned out ok in the end!

    annika - oh, its just gin in a tea cup! i like drinking all my spirits from a set off old tea cups i got from a charity shop. although im sure there must be a proper gin tea recipe happening somewhere.... hmmm, i should investigate

  4. This is really sweet, the poppy is lovely, it seems to come to life