my fragments of the self are slowly growing....

someone once told me that they separated themself into little compartments

I wondered if this was their way of coping with the dissonance of the self?
...the conflicts and incongruence's rattling around inside?

or maybe it was a way of hiding the things they were scared of...

the ugly parts, as well the parts so hopeful it was terrifying?

Open Studios Toot Toot:

A sneaky cheeky peak at the flyer for the Kingston Artist Open Studios.
The open studios are taking place 7-8 and 14-15 June 2014.
I am very excited to taking part (based at ACS studios Kingston).

Will post more details soon, but PUT DATE IN YOUR DIARIES.

nobody is listening:

I had lots of fun playing in the studio today.
I am really enjoying child-like marks, layers of paint and sinister images right now...

The Hunger:

Nobody Is Listening:

this ship has sailed (a very short story):

this ship has sailed

you've missed the boat

abandon ship!

the ship is sinking...
(the end)

little fragments of the self:

little fragments of the self

gather them up, and keep them safe in little boxes

hide them under the bed

or maybe bury them in the garden, by the big tree

lest everyone finds out your secrets


tell no one.